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Common salt or table salt is used for bringing out the flavour of other ingredients that are used in cakes, and other products. Instead of reducing sugar in the cake formula, salt should be used as an adjustment of sweetness if the cake is tq,p sweet. One of the functions of sugar is to retain moisture in the cake. It is, therefore, better to increase salt to tone down the extra sweetness. Salt also lowers caramelization temperature of cake batters and aids in obtaining crust colour.

In bread production, salt is mainly added for taste. It brings out the taste of other ingredients, and helps to improve the flavour and characteristics of bread. Salt is a toughner. Without salt the doughs are wetty. It, therefore, improves grain and texture ofloafby strengthening the dough, thus indirectly helping colour, grain and texture.

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Salt helps to control in yeast raised doughs, the action of the yeast and thereby controls the rate of fermentation. Salt also aids in preventing the formation and growth of undei;irable bacteria in Yeast-raised doughs.

Amount of salt to be used depends on several factors but mainly upon the type of flour. Weak flour will take more salt, because salt gives strengthening effect to proteins. Factor that will determine the amount of the salt is the total formula used. In order to bring out the flavour of additional ingredients, a richer formula will take a higher percentage of salt, as compared with a leaner formula. The mineral content of water will also affect the amount of salt. When using hard water the amount of salt will need to be reduced, or as an alternative, add vinegar            or edible acids. Under normal conditions the amount of salt to use will range b tween 2 to 2'1.%.

Table salt should have the following characteristics for use in the bakery:
a) It should be completely soluble in water.

b) It should give a clear solution. Cloudy solution will indicate presence of certain impurities. c) It should be free from lumps.

d) It should be as pure as possible.

e) It should be free from a bitter or biting taste.

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