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In general wheat flours are used for producing wafers. There isn't any standard flour for wafer. The quality of the flour depends in particular on the chemical composition of the
grain, which in turn is effected by soil climatic weather and agricultural conditions which growing.

Storage of the grain and its grinding are additional factors which determine the characteristics of the flour. Its quality is therefore different for each harvest. Flours used for wafer production should be stored at a certain temperature and loosened up before being processed by screening in several times. The following factors of the flour have to be taken into account for producing wafers gluten content, sedimentation value, degree of grinding and grain size- In general weak wheat flours are used, but stronger flours yield to the same goods results, if vegetable starch (cornstarch or others) are added or the fat content is increased in the recipe.Judging the quality of gluten:

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Low level of gluten: 18 - 22% gluten content
Medium level of gluten 22 - 25% gluten content
High level of gluten 25 - 32% gluten content
The gluten quality can be improved by adding fat, lecithin, egg yolk and salt Heat and short acid action.Flour mixtures are also used in order to improve the wafer quality, such as:* Stronger flours used as additives, if the wafer is too hard or weighs too much:* additives of 5% or Soya flour to make the wafer crispier. In the same way as the gluten content grows, the water bond ability and this result is an energy consuming baking process.

The sedimentation value shows the quality of the proteins these are dominating for the sheet quality. Lower sedimentation values yield to a more delicate wafer sheet. As the baking behavior of whole-meal flour, there are indications that it is susceptible to stick to the baking plates.

Another decisive factor for the wafer flour quality is its fine -grain structure if the flour is too coarse, the wafer dough will swell again, if it is left for a longer time, and this will result in faults when portioning the dough. 65 up to 70% of the total amount of flour should be within the range of 40 ... 70 microns.

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