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Plate size 290mm X 460mm

Wafer baking machine
These are the large scale plants with higher level of automation for the production of 500-1000 kgs/shift of creamed wafers.



The automatic wafer baking machines series are suitable for the production of first class quality flat wafers. These machines can be Equipped with 12, 18, 24 30 & 36 baking plates(tongs) according to the required output.
The machine is built with a steel frame of rigid construction. An endless chain conveys the baking plates on their carriers through the baking chamber driven by a chain drive infinitely variable in speed through its range.
The standard size of the baking plates is 290mm x 460mm (about 11 ½” x 18”). Also, special size of baking plates can be
supplied on request. These baking plates can easily be exchanged to produce wafers of different designs. The oven can be
heated by L.P.Gas or if preferred by Electricity.

Batter Preparation:
A mixer of wheat flour, maize starch, vegetable fat and preservative colours is churned into a paste in the batter mixer.

Wheat flour, Maize starch, Vegetable fat, preservatives etc are mixed with water to form the wafer batter. The batter is discharged onto the baking plates by a cam operated pump. The pump can be very accurately set to give an efficient distribution of batter with maximum economy and minimum wastage. Adjustment, clearing and maintenance of the pump is simple and quick.


The plates are made of special alloy. The selection of alloy and casting procedure ensures dimensional stability, a homogenous and dense surface, thermal stability, good heat accumulation characteristics and excellent thermal conductivity. Special finishing is done to ensure trouble free release of wafer sheets. The wafer thickness is quickly and easily adjusted by applying spacing shims.
Heating (either by liquified petroleum gas or electricity) 1000 kgs/shift of creamed wafers.

Triangular burner for wafer baking plants

The gas heating system has automatic ignition with safety devices. In the case of gas, air or
power failure, a automatic cutout device on the heating system will operate. The oven is equipped with special burners. Precise controls for the mixture of gas and air gives high efficiency combustion. On gas heated machines, the exterior of baking plates have pyramidal shapes cast-on, to give increased surface area and thus better heat exchange.

The batter is discharged onto the baking plates by a cam operated pumps. The precision-built pump gives an efficient distribution of batter. Air blowing facility for simple removal of the wafer sheet from the baking plates.

Process Chart:

1. Automatic Wafer Oven 4.Cream Spreading M/C. 7. Sheet removal & Stress Reliever .
2. Batter Mixer. 5. Wafer Cutting Machine.
3. Planetary Cream Mixer . 6. Packing Machine.
* It may vary depending on the recipe, batter consistency, cream ratio, etc
** The above details are approximate figures obtained under working conditions and vary according to the thickness of the wafer sheet and consistency of the batter.
*** Because of the low number of baking plates, longer baking times are necessary
NOTE: We are constantly guided by our principle of offering our customers better and better machines; to give increased efficiency and higher levels of automation.
The technical data and illustrations are subject to charge with notice.

The output is dependent on the following factors
1) The sheet weight
2) The baking time or cycle
3) The cream ratio of wafer and cream




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