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RWCM Series - Baking Ovens

We supply semi automatic machines for a best quality Rolled Sugar Cones. The ‘RWCM-Series’ of machines are designed with latest technical standards for an economical results. These machines are clearly laid out and easily accessible. The bearings and lubricants used are of long life and the links between the baking plate are also maintenance free.

Baking Plates

The plates are made of special alloy. The selection of alloy and casting procedure ensures dimensional stability, a homogenous and dense surface, thermal stability, good heat accumulation characteristics and excellent thermal conductivity. Special finishing is done to ensure trouble free release of wafer sheets.

"Sugar Cup" Making Attachment

We developed new cup presses. Mechanically guided pressing tools lead to precise product results. The tools can also be changed very easily which shortens the
changeover time noticeably. Different products can be produced on one single cup press.

Tube Rolling Device Machine

Semi-Automatic Wafer Tube Rolling Station for best quality rolled wafer tubes. The
Rolling machines can be designed to suit various diameter and length of wafer tube
rolls. The rolls can be subsequently cut in smaller fingers based on clients product /
packing or marketing needs.

Punching Device

This device is pneumatically operated; feeding of sheet is manually done.
The punched items discharge onto a tray below. It can be used for punching different shapes on “malleable” wafer sheets. It is customized to suit various requirements for clients.












Technical specifications

Types of Oven Size of Plate
Type of heating
of tongs/
multiple usage
load in
120 sec Cycle Time*
RWCM- 9 230 x 230 Elec 9 14.0 270
RWCM-12 230 x 230 Elec 12 19.0 360
RWCM-15 230 x 230 Elec 15 23.0 450
RWCM-18 230 x 230 Elec 18 28.0 540



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